Meanwhile Strategies

Meanwhile projects, activities that can take place in the spaces to be occupied by new buildings during the period between site clearance and construction, formed an important part of bringing energy and vitality to dormant spaces following the impact of the financial crisis in 2008-9. Also, they offered a means of building a strong relationship with community groups moving through a process of urban change.

Plan Projects devised tailored meanwhile projects. Our programmes were specifically designed to address the economic, social and environmental needs of place and, as a result, were diverse and multifaceted. They included activities such as urban agriculture and horticulture, street art, sports events and festivals.

Where urban design may deliver the ‘static’ aspects of place-making our meanwhile projects were designed to stimulate the ‘kinetic’ – the changing, mobile and temporary that optimises the cultural value of place.


Farm Wembley

Honey Factory

Royal Albert Docks

Silvertown Way

Whitechapel Common Room