Public realm should support a multiplicity of different uses, aiding mobility, supporting business activity, providing places for social interaction and play. It can provide intimacy, aid community life or offer grand sweeping gestures.

Plan Projects landscape and urban design team offered substantial experience of working on both neighbourhood and district-wide public realm strategies. As an initial step, the team carried out desk-based and observational research to understand the issues of use, scale and context.

Based on this research, they arrived at a vision, underpinned by key design objectives, for how the public realm could deliver the essential infrastructure and networks an urban environment requires.

Working within a public realm envelope, landscape architecture plays an essential role in delivering successful public spaces and supporting community well-being. Our landscape team combined vision and imagination with technical rigour to create highly functional, beautiful places with a strong sense of character. They were keen to work collaboratively, always involving an independent artist and, where possible, the local community in arriving at our design solution.

Through our knowledge of public engagement and social research, we are able to create spaces that provide outlets for local community expression, encouraging a feeling of custodianship and sense of pride among residents and users.


Stamford Hill 

Design for Life

The Greenway 

Radius Courtyard

Brighton Common Room

Wellington Street